Monday, December 22, 2008

Enjoying the Snow!!

Mitch and I had been sitting in the house all day watching the snow fall harder and harder each hour. So then we decided to be kids again and go play in it. We were all decked out in our winter gear, he looked so cute! :) We made snow angels and some snow down that pants, not cool!! We had a basketball outside and I challenged Mitchell to a game of one on one, let's just say I don't take any prisoners lol! The snow was falling extremely hard by this time and so when one of us would go to shoot the flakes were in our eyes making it very difficult to see anything! I learned that I've become quite clumsy, maybe it's because everytime I would shoot I would have this 185 lb. guy running at me to tackle me. But don't worry it's all in good fun! I showed him who was boss!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Biggest Loser Workout

Like Jme we are also addicted to the Biggest Loser. Turns out Bob just made a new workout video. So today I went and bought it. Starting off the warm up is 5, so I thought it could'nt be that hard. Was I wrong! Then I did the first week workout. Wow that's all I can say, now I see why the contestants lose all of that weight! Bob kicked my butt!!! Later on I made Mitch do the warm up. Now I don't feel so bad because he was in just as much pain as I was if not more. This video is far better than other workout videos I think because we have gotten to see what the results of the workout are. I recommend this video for everyone, you get an extreme full body workout.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Finals Week...AHHH!!!!

The count down to the end of the semester began a long time ago for us. Crunch time will begin tomorrow as Jess faces four finals and I take on 6 finals. We both should pass, and I will finally get my AA degree in criminal justice:). Just keep us in your prayers and we will let everyone know how it turns out

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Presents Are Finally Finished

So we finally finished our xmas gifts for everybody, what a relief! We went shopping to pick up the supplies and I thought Mitch was going to freak out on some of the shoppers because it seemed like they were always in the way. We kept forgetting to pick up things so we would go from one side of the store to the other a few times. Once we finally accomplished that we went home to start the presents. It took all day Saturday to finish them so we're pretty happy that it's all done with now!! We have all of these gifts wrapped but we don't have a tree to put them under so they just sit in a chair lol

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Christmas Chaos

Our kids and grandkids will be blessed some day. As for us we get to jump around for the holidays. As we all know Mitch's parents are divorced and his mom's parents are too. She is remarried to Dave. Mitch's dad is remarried to Margo. So we get the relatives from those two as well. So if you want to keep track that is 5 different places we have to go just for Mitch's side for Christmas. Now we have Jess. We have her mom's, than her dad's. Jamie is married and Justin is married. We have the Hunecke grandparents and then the Beadle ones too. So we will say that all the kids are together at the parent's houses. That would be 4 places. So for a grand total we get to go to 9 different places scattered in Iowa and Minnesota. We are not complaining and like I said before kids and grandkids won't someday. It is just hard to make equal time for everyone and plan things out ahead of time. We love both of our families so we feel bad if we miss a holiday somewhere. Hopefully the weather will allow us to make them to all 9 of them. And hopefully we get to see all of you on Christmas.

Monday, December 1, 2008

It's been awhile....

1. Jess has been playing in a volleyball league in the kee. She is enjoying it a lot because she gets to play a sport again. And I am in a basketball league in Humboldt. I am also enjoying it very much. I don't think either of us can live without sports.

2. Last Wednesday we drove up to Mankato to have Thanksgiving with Justin and Mandy. It was a really good time had by all. A lot of drinking, Wii bowling, family, and great food really made this experience a memorable one. We're sorry Jame, Aaron, and the kids couldn't be there however.

3. On our way home from Mankato we stopped at Grandma and Grandpa Beadle's house. It was good to see them again. For once Cliff didn't ask either one of us for a beer. Cliff also told us the day before he shot 3 roosters with 3 shots. So looks like he has not lost a step.

4. The Packers are now 5-7, the Bears 6-7, and the Purple People eaters are 7-5. Division title here we come.

5. Mitch's parents got a Wii. So next time we have to play Justin and Mandy we will kick their butts.

6. This past Sunday we had Thanksgiving at Mitch's mom's. All of his Brother's and their loved ones were present for another fun filled Wii Turkey Day.

7. And finally we have determined that we will never go shopping the day after Thanksgiving. This is due to the fact that we are both very impatient people.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Our Waterloo Weekend

It is truly horrible when we both say we are getting old. We are only 21 years old but our bodies can't handle the alcohol and long nights like they used to. Friday night we drove over to Cedar Falls and met up with Justin, Mandy, and some friends. After bar hopping for a while, Mary my brother's wife, met up with us. We had some more drinks then went to the casino with my brother Steve. The only good thing to come out of that was that Mary won $600! That night ended around 3:30. Wow! The next day was a slow paced one at that but we ended up at one bar to watch the UFC fights. It was great being able to hang out with Justin, Mandy, Mary and Steve all in the same weekend.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

It's great to be a Viking

Congrats to Brad Childress on his first win against the Green Bay Packers. It couldn't have come at a better time. Peterson rushed for 192 yards and a TD, he also had 33 receiving yards. I guess the Packers forgot about him. The Vikings now 5-4 are tied with the Bears at the top of the NFC North. Next week is even more important for fans with the Packers vs. Bears, and Vikings vs. Bucs.

Bowling With The Fam

Well last night we found out that parents can still hang with the young guns. Colette and Dave (Mom and Step-Dad) finally got out of the house and came cosmic bowling with us. Talk about a great time. Pitcher after pitcher after pitcher came to the table and they did not hestitate to gulp them down as if they were still in college. After cosmic ended and a very great performance by Mitch (173). We all decided to come back to our old house, which still isn't sold, and we had some more drinks and watched movies on youtube. All of us had a great time doing something that we don't usually do but hopefully there will be more times like this.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Horrible Start To The Holidays!

Today we decided to try and make our x-mas gifts for our families. We read all of the directions and we thought we were on the right track. Once we finished we thought it was going to look so good and everyone would love them. The only problem is is that the end product didn't turn out at all. So we got mad and had no idea what we did wrong, and we gave up. We are not very good at home made things so we think that we should just be able to buy our families presents. We tried semi-homemade and it failed!! It was very disappointing. Looking back now it's quite hilarious!!! :)

Thursday, November 6, 2008

This is really bothering me

I am very happy that our 44th President is Barack Obama. However, I have found it very disturbing that all of the major news stations keep bringing up polls about whether on not race was the reason he won. To me it almost seems like the stations want race to be the reason. Thankfully, all of the polls showed race not to be a factor. I just don't get why they can't leave the race factor alone. The United States has come a very long ways from where it once was. Diversity is everywhere and it is finally being taken as a positive thing. I am in no way a good person when it comes to politics. I just needed to get that off my chest. As a great woman once said, "That's the way I see it."

The 5 stages of denial

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I guess we have to do this to fit in

Hey everybody,
Not going to lie to you when I first saw all these new blogs I was very skepticle. I am sorry Jame and Aaron I did make fun of you first :(. And then to think the one and only Justin Hunecke would stoop so low to make one of these. Haha. But then in order to post on these blogs we needed to create our own account. So we will do our very best to keep up with Mandy and Jame the leaders of this blog frontier, and we will let you know about the things in our oh so interesting lives.
Love you all